Thursday, 22 August 2013

Actions to Stop Global Warming

Global warming; greenhouse effect; whatever term you may want to call it, the damage in the ozone layer has definitely caused instability of the natural processes in the environment. Basically, global warming is the term referred to the increase of the heat in the world due to the damage in the ozone layer caused by the emission of harmful chemicals in the environment. The ozone layer is responsible for distributing enough solar heat and light to Earth without costing the natural flow of the ecosystem. Nonetheless, it has slowly diminished its natural thickness, which resulted to the so-called global warming.

Scientists report that it would take thousands of years for the ozone layer to heal completely even if we must all stop the emission of carbons and other harmful chemicals into the air at once. But it does not mean that we must not do anything about it because there are still a number of ways on how we can stop the phenomenon from blasting. One of the most common means to stop global warming is to observe the 3 Rs namely, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Recycle things that are still functional like your old PC or old mobile phone. Use only products that can be used again like paper bags, which can be used to pack your groceries or to put those seedlings into.
Another way is to switch to LED lighting system. In this technology era, I bet you have already heard about the efficiency and advantages of using light emitting diodes or LED, which are actually a topnotch in converting its energy into light instead of heat. Its added bonus includes the bulb’s long lifespan, absence of ultraviolet rays, and bright white light.

Use public transportation often and use your car on weekends. If you have a bike, run errands using this option. Did you know that a typical vehicle emits about 20% more carbon monoxide than buses and trains? Did you also know that the former uses up 30% more energy compared to the latter? You can also save on fuel and skip yourself from the hassles of traffic jams if you use public transportation.

Consider installing energy-efficient products. The advent of LED computer monitors, energy-efficient dryers and refrigerators and television units, and the likes all have a purpose, and that is to encourage wise consumers to use products that don’t waste energy. If you switch to this type of appliances, you won’t only enjoy modern appliances, but you will also enjoy lower electric bills.

Finally, plant a tree and always unplug all unused appliances. Most appliances are actually consuming energy even when turned OFF, making unplugging more efficient. Make these a habit; spread the word; and inculcate the benefits of going green to your loved ones.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Investment opportunities for NRIs in Hyderabad.

Andhra Pradesh receives the highest amount of money remitted by NRIs. A number of NRIs hailing from Andhra Pradesh have approached the government with ambitious investment proposals, too. Is it just about the returns or do NRIs from Andhra Pradesh want to invest in their home state to connect with their home state forever? Are you, too, from Andhra Pradesh and thinking of investing in this state? Here’s some information you can use.
Despite living abroad for years, most NRIs are strongly attached to their home state. It’s no different for NRIs from Andhra Pradesh. Consider their support for charity and various development projects. Dr Parilla Malla Reddy, President and CEO of Bactolac Pharmaceuticals, an NRI from AP, donated over $250,000 to help villages in his hometown in Andhra Pradesh. Apart from philanthropic activities, many NRIs are considering investing in the growing towns of Andhra Pradesh as well.
Why invest in Hyderabad
Are you an NRI wondering how to buy a home in Andhra Pradesh? There’s good news for you. Thanks to the Indian government, it’s now easier for people of Indian origin to own a piece of property in their home state. India is a buoyant market, and Hyderabad is better known as a hi-tech city today. In fact, Hyderabad has been rated as the 4th largest growing city in the world (Source: US International Market Research Report). The growing cityscape has led the Hyderabad Metropolitan development authority to step up the infrastructure and facilities in the city.
What you should know
Interested in buying property here? Should you invest with the help of a property lawyer or would you be able to manage without one? You’ll be glad to know that as an NRI investor, you don’t require RBI approval to buy property in your home state. However, ensure that you have a PAN card ready before you to invest. Follow these guidelines, too.
  • Get all the information on the property, seller and any agent you’re dealing with.

  • Make sure that you make all your payments through your NRI/NRE account.

  • Hire a property lawyer if you’re based abroad and if you don’t understand property rules and tax implications.

A large number of NRIs are buying property in their home state. Andhra Pradesh has emerged as one of the most favored destinations for real estate or property investment in India not just for NRIs hailing from Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh. 
(Source: The Hindu Business Line)

Where should the Plants / Trees to be planted in the vicinity of one’s plot or Villa?

Having a green area in the vicinity of any home or around its axis has been known to cast a positive effect on the inmates of the house and it means having a small dedicated green belt in the vicinity of one’s plot or Villa.

Usually most people leave an empty area near the entrance of their plot for a green belt or a small garden. Planting of trees and plants in and around the house can promote the positive energies entering the house enhancing the health, spiritual and monetary aspects on the inmates. No thorny plants should be planting in any location inside the boundary wall of the plot.

Creepers or clingers like money plant are best suited on the main boundary wall of the house. The green effect of the cringers or creeper plants brings a positive vibe and harmonious blend in the overall vastu compliance of the plot.

Plain green lawns or green belts with grass are best suited in the eastern direction as well as the north depending on the availability of empty space in the plot design. Water bodies in the east and north axis along with the green lawn enhances the positive flow of energy.

The plants and their surrounding aura not only help in overall beatification but also churn out healthy vibes and Some traditionally important plants like Tulsi and neem have immensely beneficial medicinal properties and their placement in ones house can help in creating a positive aura.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Vastu Shastra Tips For Pooja Room

Pooja Room 
Pooja room, means a personal room for God, our beloved God,In olden days mainly in India many residents provide or construct one pooja room known as God Room, Temple, Mandhir, Bhajana room, Prayer room etc; days and years are passing, now the pooja room converted into pooja shelf, now a day’s people placing God Idols at shelves only, not involved to construct one separate room to God, our interesting god, why this development happens, because of time, now many people does not have time to clean the room, or no place to provide pooja room or not interested to do pooja.
Pooja room vastu for north facing house 
Which room is the correct place for deity, we shall discuss all the important things here about our beloved Deity, God. As per Vastu shastra Northeast corner is the right and correct place for the pooja room. But according to the latest logical study we found that this place (north east) should be very clean and we should not construct or put anything at this place. In our researches we found that the placement of pooja room at northeast corner is one way its right and another way it’s wrong, why because, our elders are very intelligent and well wishers to the coming generations, in taking importance of next or future generations they implemented this system of pooja room at Ishan (Northeast) corner and saying these rules as Vaasthu principles.

Why the elders have done like this, there is a great reason behind it. Actually as per the vastu shastra Ishan corner walk is very good and most developed cause for human beings, in taking view of this they implied this rule as pooja room should be at Ishan corner, and also another two reasons are invented that, Ishan place should always be clean, and Ishan place should always be less weight, in taking consideration of all these factors they implemented this rule as pooja room should be at Ishan corner. Thanks to our elders, well wishers.
1. Pooja room should always be clean and no other things except pooja materials should be kept there.
2. Pooja should not be placed at the Southwest corner of the house.
3. Pooja should not be placed at Ishan (Northeast) corner of the house.But here with some provisions we can put or install or construct the pooja room at Ishan corner with care, before going to do it, better to get suggestion from one experienced vastu consultant.
4. In pooja room Gods are to be seated at East facing and spatient has to sit and worship God by seeing the towards West side.
5. Pooja room can be constructed at Agneya (Southeast) corner, with some conditions.
6. Pooja room can be planned at Vayavya (Northwest) corner, with some vaastu terms.
7. At any cost pooja room should not be placed at outside of the house, if so with some specifications we can do it, but be careful.
8. Four side walk is fortunate for pooja room, try it, but only with stern specifications. Consult for good experienced vasthu expert.
9. Free air should be passed in pooja room and should not be totally closed, or air tightened.
10.Pooja room can be seated at Brahmastan.(middle of the house is called Brahmastan)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vastu Tips to Increase Positivity in Home

Vastu is a set of principles that most of the home owners believe in, which helps them to lead a blissful life. Vastu guidelines provide scientific explanations on how to design your house to bring positive energy. It is always better to take some time out and search an ideal house or apartment which is built on perfect vastu guidelines.

Follow these steps to increase positivity:

The most important part of a house is the main entrance, as the main entrance is known as the mouth of the house which brings energy inside the house.  According to vastu guidelines, it is always better to avoid buying property which has a door facing south-west direction. As negative energy enters the house from south-west direction and also brings in struggle and misfortune for the people who live in.

The ideal place for kitchen is the South-east direction. Avoid placing kitchen in north or north-east direction, as kitchen is known as the symbol of prosperity so placing in the wrong direction may bring financial as well as health problems.

The main entrance for the door of stability is the master bedroom. According to vastu rules, master bedroom must be in the South-west direction and it is better if you sleep with your head positioning towards the south or west.

According to vastu, toilets and bathrooms should be in south-west corner or in south west direction of the apartment. Since, the wind flows from north-east to south-west direction and if a toilet is placed in the north-east direction then the wind will enter the room flowing through the toilet, which will contaminate the air flow in the rooms.

Inside or the centre of the apartment should be spacious and clean, ensure this area receives good amount of natural light. Blockage of the centre is not ideal in vastu, so rooms, kitchen or toilets should not be placed in the centre of the house. Interestingly, the living room is ideal for the centre from where you can access every room.

Don’ts in Vastu:

It is better to avoid using too much of bright colours in your house like red and purple, it may bring negative energy in your house. In bedroom, red and black colour should be avoided.

Pictures of water or a fountain should be avoided in your bedroom, as keeping these kinds of pictures might affect you negatively.

It is better if you avoid placing mandir/ temple below any bean or cupboard; it may put you under stress. And the right place to keep God statues or pictures is the prayer room and should be avoided in bedroom.

Heavy statues should be avoided in north-east side of the house as it may block your finances.


Rain Water Harvesting System: Its Advantages

Rain water harvesting system is a technique used in the collection and storage of rain water. Rain water is collected from many surfaces: rooftops, surface of land, and rock catchments. Traditional jars and pots are used in the collection. In recent times, more complex storage systems are used, such as underground check dams.
The techniques used by Asians and Africans have arisen from traditional practices that have been adopted by previous civilizations. Rain water harvesting system till date serves as a dominant drinking water source, especially in rural regions. Most common rain water harvesting systems are comprised of three components: catchment area, collection device, and conveyance system.

Rooftop catchment is the most primitive and basic form of this technique. Simple vessels are used to collect rainwater at the roof’s edge. This basic approach has many variations. Rain water can be collected in gutters that drain to vessel for collection through specially constructed down-pipes. Alternatively, rain water can be diverted from gutters into containers. This can cause particulates to settle down before conveyance to the storage container for domestic utilization.

Because the rooftop serves as the catchment area, the quantity and quality of rain water depends on the quality of the roofing material and its total area. Good-quality rain water can be collected from rooftops made of corrugated iron that is galvanized, asbestos or aluminum sheets of cement, slates and tiles. Thatched roofs tied together with bamboo can produce similar quantities of water in a cheaper way. However, it must be noted that roofs made of bamboo could have health hazards. In a similar way, roofs containing metallic paint or similar coatings are unsuitable since they may pass on color and taste to the water that is collected. The surface of roofs should be regularly cleansed in order to remove leaves, bird droppings, and dust. This should ensure high quality of collected water.
Rain water harvesting system can also feature catchments on land surface. Utilizing ground or land surface to store water is a far simpler method of rain water collection. This would involve enhancing runoff capacity on the surface of the land by various methods. Collection of run-off water with drain pipes and storing collected water are two such methods. In comparison with techniques of rooftop catchment, techniques of ground catchment allows more storage of water from a surface area that is larger.
Benefits of Rain Water Harvesting
1. Save money on water bills by using your own water source
2. Watering Garden
3. No wasting money on water tankers
4. No Water shortage due to water cuts
5. 24 hours water supply no need to depend on water timings
6. Recover installation cost within 2 – 3 Years due to savings in water bills
7. Savings of up to 200 liters of water per family in the society per day

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kokapet IT SEZ to be a reality soon

HYDERABAD: With all legal wrangles settled with regard to Kokapet land, the proposed Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for information technology (IT) firms is likely to become a reality soon. The information technology and communications (IT&C) department is also keen on taking up the SEZ in Kokapet.

Official sources said a high-level review meeting of the IT&C department, to be chaired by chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy, would discuss Kokapet IT SEZ issue along with other issues on Friday. The meeting is likely to decide whether fresh allotments should be done for IT companies as some firms had opted out due to court cases or earlier firms should also be given a chance to make payment for the land.
The SEZ was conceived by the erstwhile Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (Huda) in 2007 in an extent of 118 acres in Kokapet. The proposed SEZ was considered as an extension of Hi-Tec City and Gachibowli to promote IT/IT-enabled services (ITeS) in the city.

When the authority invited IT firms to set up shop there in 2007, 11 companies, including search engine giant Google, had come forward to take land on lease. Google was allotted 20 acres, Sonata Software Limited 7.04 acres, Intelli Group Asia Pvt Ltd four acres, Patni Computer Systems Pvt Ltd 24 acres, Conexant was given 4.36 acres, C-Bay Systems (India) Pvt Ltd 6.42 acres, Cognizant Technology Solutions 9.05 acres, Infinite Computer Solutions Pvt Ltd 4.85 acres, Tech Mahindra 8.43 acres, Qualcomm 7.34 acres and DQ Entertainment Ltd 2.87 acres.

As per the proposal, the land was allotted to them on 20-year lease at Rs 25 lakh per acre lease rent per annum and another Rs 25 lakh per acre was to be collected to provide basic infrastructure like roads, water, electricity and other facilities at the SEZ. A link road from Shankarpally to Vattinagulapally, providing connectivity to the Outer Ring Road (ORR), was also planned.

All firms except Qualcomm paid a part of the amount. Since the land got embroiled in litigation over ownership, five firms Patni Computer Systems, Conexant, Tech Mahindra, Qualcomm and Cognizant Technology Solutions opted out from the SEZ.

HMDA officials said some land in the proposed SEZ was free from any legal wrangles and the authority asked the IT firms to take possession of land and start construction of their buildings, but none put up structures. "The court verdict on Kokapet land title came in favour of the HMDA in July 2012. We waited for 90 days as there was a chance for appeal on the verdict and court granting stay. Since the authority got relief in the court and the appeal time was over, the HMDA wants to push the IT SEZ project," a senior estate officer said.

A Vaastu Compliant Kitchen is a significant part of any household.

A Vaastu Compliant Kitchen is a significant part of any household. The water elements, faucets, storage area, cabinets and fire elements all play a contributing role in shaping of the overall energy aura of the kitchen.

While having the location of the Kitchen in the south eastern part of the house as per vaastu is recommended, kitchen accessories also need to be placed in dedicated directions to get the maximum positive benefit of having a vaastu compliant kitchen.

Key factors for a Vaastu compliant Kitchen:

1. The entrance door of any kitchen should be well placed allowing the free inflow of positive energy.

2. The kitchen must have big open windows in the eastern section while south walls can be used for small ventilation ducts offering good cross ventilation allowing free flow of good energy in the kitchen area.

3. The person cooking n the kitchen should be facing the eastern direction at the time of cooking. This placement offers a harmonious position enhancing the health quotient of the food as well as the health of the female members of the household.

4. Most modern day kitchens have microwave ovens or convection ovens. The best direction for placing these heating equipments is the south to south east direction. Being controlled by the fire element, south and south east offers good balanced energy for the heating equipments and their accessories.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Aerocon Bricks an excellent Alternative for Construction Materials

Aerocon blocks are widely used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
The current era of real estate has ripened and the clich├ęd bricks and mortar are replaced with alternative construction materials like aerocon bricks. Innumerable properties in India are constructed with aerocon bricks and the method is rapidly flourishing.
  • The newly invented aerocon blocks are constructive products in the green building revolution. They are autoclaved aerated concrete blocks which are used for the construction of walls. The materials used in the production of these blocks are certified as green products and are environment friendly .They are the alternative building materials for substituting conventional materials like walling materials, clay bricks, hollow bricks and concrete.
  • Apart from being eco-friendly these blocks are also light weight with high thermal insulation and fire resistance. Buildings constructed out of these blocks ensure long term sustainability and save a lot of water during the construction. Real estate sector makes use of these blocks in various sectors like hospitals, commercial, residential and so on. These blocks have edges which allow easy and accurate workability measurement.
  • They are easy to install and can complete the construction procedure in a shorter span in case of scarcity of labour and in the usage of mortars. The required time to complete a building with aerocon blocks is 1/3 lesser than that of the conventional building materials. One of the eco-friendly characteristics of aerocon blocks is that they do not emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which leads to environmental pollution.
  • They are available in three types; Infill blocks, Jumbo blocks and Thermal blocks. Overall the beneficial qualities of aerocon blocks are that they are light-weight, fire resistant, thermal insulated, sound insulated, have strength and durability, have consistent quality control and gives a perfect finish with dimensional stability.
  • Excluding the eco-friendly characteristics of these blocks, they are also used in construction for various other reasons. There are a number of problems involved in acquiring the sand and bricks and also the prices of these basic materials are hiking up. As the traditional construction materials have a higher price the initiation of aerocon blocks acts as better substitutes with affordable prices. Due to these reasons the aerocon blocks are in great demand. Adding to it is the manufactured sand which also can be acquired without any hassle.
  • In order to make use of these building materials more efficiently and make people aware of its benefits, an organised technique is required to promote them. It is very important that people are aware of the benefits of using the substitutes for construction materials.
  • According to various experts related to the real estate sector, the best environment friendly construction can be acquired through the usage of manufactured sand from stone quarries and brick substitutes. This will also avoid over-exploitation of natural resources like river sand and clay.
  • Aerocon blocks these days are being used in incredible projects taken up by business tycoons and real estate builders. It is also necessary that the government should start promoting these environment friendly construction substitutes to boost market acceptance.

  • The government authorities have put a stop to the mining of sand due to environmental concerns but the manual operations in the sand mining have increased its prices. The sand prices have increased since the last few months and so are the brick prices due to climatic changes. Owing to all these reasons it is better that the usage of the aerocon bricks should be adopted.

Source: commonfloor.

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In India, New State Should Boost Hyderabad Property

Property prices in Hyderabad are expected to rise following the announcement of the creation of a new state in India, after developers and buyers held back from investing in the city amid years of uncertainty over the issue.

Last week, India announced that a separate state to be known as Telangana would be carved out of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad is to be the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and the new state for 10 years.

"Due to the Telangana agitation, residential capital values in Hyderabad had stagnated since 2009 and driven investors to other cities such as Bengaluru [Bangalore] and Chennai," according to Crisil Research. "In the immediate term, real estate prices are likely to pick up due to buoyed investor sentiment in anticipation of the city's return to political and economic stability."

Hyderabad's property prices have declined since the first half of 2008 because of the political uncertainty surrounding the formation of the state of Telangana, while many of India's others major cities have experienced growth in recent years, according to data from Crisil.

"In the medium term, the resurgence in corporate investments will improve demand for commercial office space and, in turn, provide a fillip to job creation, particularly in those sectors where fresh investments were on hold, and boost residential real estate demand and prices," Crisil reports.

The research firm is now forecasting growth of 8 to 9 percent in residential property values in Hyderabad in 2013 and 2014, compared to its earlier prediction of a rise of 6 to 7 percent.

"Capital values have already been on the rise in select pockets of the city (after bottoming out) since the last few quarters on the back of signals that the issue was close to a resolution," Crisil added.

Sandip Patnaik, the managing director, Hyderabad, for Jones Lang LaSalle India, described the move as a "game-changer" for the city's property market.

"The decision that has been arrived as is good for the Hyderabad real estate market, as it has been hanging fire for the last three to four years," Mr Patnaik said. "This state of affairs had given rise to a lot of doubt in the minds of residential end users, investors as well companies that were considering Hyderabad's for its unique business potential.

Investors who had considered pulling out of Hyderabad because of the unresolved political climate will now be reassured that Hyderabad is poised for growth.

"The fact that Hyderabad will become the joint capital for the next 10 years is especially encouraging for this city's real estate market," Mr Patnaik said.

Some observers have pointed out that investors may remain cautious, however, as protests continue and as they wait for the establishment of the state to take place and everything to settle.

There is likely to be increased activity in commercial real estate as corporates are encouraged to expand in or enter Hyderabad, according to JLL.

But Crisil said that it expected commercial lease rentals to only show "a marginal annual increase in 2013 and 2014 mainly due to a huge oversupply situation".

Source: world Property Channel

Monday, 5 August 2013

Real estate prices to rise after Telangana creation

After a four-year hiatus, residential real estate prices are set to rise at a relatively faster pace in Hyderabad with the likely resolution of the Telangana issue.

Due to the Telangana agitation, residential capital values in Hyderabad had stagnated since 2009 and driven investors to other cities such as Bengaluru and Chennai, said a CRISIL report on July 31.

“In the immediate term, real estate prices are likely to pick up due to buoyed investor sentiment in anticipation of the city’s return to political and economic stability. In the medium term, the resurgence in corporate investments will improve demand for commercial office space and, in turn, provide a fillip to job creation, particularly in those sectors where fresh investments were on hold, and boost residential real estate demand and prices,” it said

CRISIL Research had earlier envisaged that Hyderabad residential capital values will grow by 6-7 per cent annually in 2013 and 2014. “In the wake of the resolution of the Telangana issue, we now expect the growth in prices to be faster than our previous estimates and the gap in residential capital values vis-a-vis cities like Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai to narrow. However, commercial lease rentals will continue to see only a marginal annual increase in 2013 and 2014 mainly due to a huge oversupply situation,” it said.

Source: The Times of India, Mumbai

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Villa near gachibowli

Greetings from Westendgreens !
I would like to introduce our venture Westend Greens, which is located near ICFAI Campus on Gandipet to Shankarpalli Road. The Villa Project is easily accessible from Gachibowli Financial District through Gandipet. The Project has received HMDA approval. The Project comes with exquisitely designed Villas set in a fully landscaped gated community. The entire land of 12 Acres( Phase – I )(Phase II, 20 acres ,we will have 500sqyd with 4500sqft built up area, which will be launching soon ) is protected by Compound Wall with solar fencing and Security Gate with video camera facility . The Project is set amidst virgin greenery for healthy and happy living!

- In Westendgreens, We offer HMDA Approved Villas starting from 2500sqft to 4800sqft for Rs 2550/ Sq ft.
- HDFC and GIC ( General Insurance Company) has approved the project.
- We also offer Plots in the extension of Villa community @ Rs.7500/sqyd

  • Club House
  • Swimming Pool
  • AC Gym,
  • Generator Back up
  • Internal Roads: Blacktop Roads with Footpaths
  • Landscaping: Large Landscaped Gardens
  • Street Lighting: Solar Lights and Conventional Lights
  • A small convenience store
  • Shuttle service
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant

  • Electrical: Moulded Switches as required. TV / Telephone Points
  • Flooring: Vitrified Tiles ( Johnson/ AGL)
  • Walls: Acrylic Emulsion Painting
  • Doors: Teak Designer Front Door. Internal Doors - Flush Shutter Panelled
  • Windows UPVC
  • External Finish: Combination of Textures Finish and Weather Proof Painting
  • Sanitary Ware: Best Quality Sanitary Ware (Hindware /Cera /Equivalent)
  • Plumbing: Best Quality CP Fittings
  • Kitchen: With Granite Slab and SS Sink with Drip Tray

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