Thursday, 22 August 2013

Actions to Stop Global Warming

Global warming; greenhouse effect; whatever term you may want to call it, the damage in the ozone layer has definitely caused instability of the natural processes in the environment. Basically, global warming is the term referred to the increase of the heat in the world due to the damage in the ozone layer caused by the emission of harmful chemicals in the environment. The ozone layer is responsible for distributing enough solar heat and light to Earth without costing the natural flow of the ecosystem. Nonetheless, it has slowly diminished its natural thickness, which resulted to the so-called global warming.

Scientists report that it would take thousands of years for the ozone layer to heal completely even if we must all stop the emission of carbons and other harmful chemicals into the air at once. But it does not mean that we must not do anything about it because there are still a number of ways on how we can stop the phenomenon from blasting. One of the most common means to stop global warming is to observe the 3 Rs namely, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Recycle things that are still functional like your old PC or old mobile phone. Use only products that can be used again like paper bags, which can be used to pack your groceries or to put those seedlings into.
Another way is to switch to LED lighting system. In this technology era, I bet you have already heard about the efficiency and advantages of using light emitting diodes or LED, which are actually a topnotch in converting its energy into light instead of heat. Its added bonus includes the bulb’s long lifespan, absence of ultraviolet rays, and bright white light.

Use public transportation often and use your car on weekends. If you have a bike, run errands using this option. Did you know that a typical vehicle emits about 20% more carbon monoxide than buses and trains? Did you also know that the former uses up 30% more energy compared to the latter? You can also save on fuel and skip yourself from the hassles of traffic jams if you use public transportation.

Consider installing energy-efficient products. The advent of LED computer monitors, energy-efficient dryers and refrigerators and television units, and the likes all have a purpose, and that is to encourage wise consumers to use products that don’t waste energy. If you switch to this type of appliances, you won’t only enjoy modern appliances, but you will also enjoy lower electric bills.

Finally, plant a tree and always unplug all unused appliances. Most appliances are actually consuming energy even when turned OFF, making unplugging more efficient. Make these a habit; spread the word; and inculcate the benefits of going green to your loved ones.

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