Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Vaastu Compliant Kitchen is a significant part of any household.

A Vaastu Compliant Kitchen is a significant part of any household. The water elements, faucets, storage area, cabinets and fire elements all play a contributing role in shaping of the overall energy aura of the kitchen.

While having the location of the Kitchen in the south eastern part of the house as per vaastu is recommended, kitchen accessories also need to be placed in dedicated directions to get the maximum positive benefit of having a vaastu compliant kitchen.

Key factors for a Vaastu compliant Kitchen:

1. The entrance door of any kitchen should be well placed allowing the free inflow of positive energy.

2. The kitchen must have big open windows in the eastern section while south walls can be used for small ventilation ducts offering good cross ventilation allowing free flow of good energy in the kitchen area.

3. The person cooking n the kitchen should be facing the eastern direction at the time of cooking. This placement offers a harmonious position enhancing the health quotient of the food as well as the health of the female members of the household.

4. Most modern day kitchens have microwave ovens or convection ovens. The best direction for placing these heating equipments is the south to south east direction. Being controlled by the fire element, south and south east offers good balanced energy for the heating equipments and their accessories.

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