Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Where should the Plants / Trees to be planted in the vicinity of one’s plot or Villa?

Having a green area in the vicinity of any home or around its axis has been known to cast a positive effect on the inmates of the house and it means having a small dedicated green belt in the vicinity of one’s plot or Villa.

Usually most people leave an empty area near the entrance of their plot for a green belt or a small garden. Planting of trees and plants in and around the house can promote the positive energies entering the house enhancing the health, spiritual and monetary aspects on the inmates. No thorny plants should be planting in any location inside the boundary wall of the plot.

Creepers or clingers like money plant are best suited on the main boundary wall of the house. The green effect of the cringers or creeper plants brings a positive vibe and harmonious blend in the overall vastu compliance of the plot.

Plain green lawns or green belts with grass are best suited in the eastern direction as well as the north depending on the availability of empty space in the plot design. Water bodies in the east and north axis along with the green lawn enhances the positive flow of energy.

The plants and their surrounding aura not only help in overall beatification but also churn out healthy vibes and Some traditionally important plants like Tulsi and neem have immensely beneficial medicinal properties and their placement in ones house can help in creating a positive aura.


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